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Top Wellington Real Estate Specialist


Meet Kirsten

“I know you have a choice – most of us know many Wellington realtors. So why choose me?

I am a former Television Real Estate Producer and Residential Real Estate Developer. I am currently an Equestrian, Pilot, and Real Estate Broker – as well as a Mom.

Using my unique background and skill set I give my clients an unsurpassed concierge-level service throughout every step of a property transaction.”

Allow me to introduce myself

KirstenKoppGroup - Wellington Real Estate Agent

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Luxury Wellington Equestrian Realty

Kirsten Kopp has created a dynamic and professional real estate marketing team specializing in the luxury residential, equestrian, and aviation market in Wellington, FL, and surrounding areas. Harnessing her skills as a former Real Estate Television Analyst- supplying programming for television shows such as the Georgia Business Report, Atlanta Regional Commission, and then making business to business videos for the private sector, I combine strong marketing and communications skills with a 15-year career in Residential and Multi-Family Real Estate development.

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With this experience and adding a young and talented team of digital marketing specialists, she has created a successful business 100% designed to help clients achieve discrete, swift, and more lucrative sales and purchase transactions. She is also an Equestrian and Pilot who has lived, ridden around, and flown over Wellington, FL for the past ten years. She uses her grassroots network to locate off-market deals for her clients in a market where inventory is currently scarce.

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Along with good old networking, her digital marketing team utilizes advanced SEO analytics, professional photography, 3D walkthroughs, video, drones, social media, and much more to market on behalf of her clients’ properties – dominating the virtual marketplace, which is the “new normal” when it comes to buying and selling within the luxury Wellington equestrian realty space.

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Why Invest in a Property in Wellington?

Recently the housing market has been incredible throughout the country; there hasn’t been a seller’s market like this for the last 15 years. Low-interest rates and the Covid pandemic has sent many families departing a dense, urban culture and choosing to live a more outdoor type lifestyle. Nowhere do we see this more apparent than in Wellington. With our great schools, restaurants, many open equestrian spaces and trails, dog parks, and sports complexes, buoyed  by the vast annual equestrian revenue that floods in each Winter season, inventory is at a record low – across each type of housing; condo, single family house, mansion and equestrian estate….inventory has shrunk to record lows. So it is no surprise that statistics from the Florida Realtors Association shows that Wellington home prices were up 48.9% last year. So what does that mean for The Kopp Group client who is considering selling their home? On average, homes in Wellington sell after 44 days on the market compared to 56 days a year ago. But in The Kopp Group’s experience, correctly priced and marketed homes within luxury Wellington equestrian realty areas can be under contract in a matter of days, and it is not unusual to have properties sell for more than the asking price. 

“When is this all going to stop, and the market going to crash?” I get asked a lot – especially by some of my Buyers who are nervous about buying in a time when prices seem to be so high.  My short answer, “it’s not”. There were many factors present in the 2008 property crash, most of us remember only too well, that just are not here any more. In 2008 I was a residential developer in Atlanta, Ga and also a TV real estate analyst. It was when my Assistant came to me and I knew exactly what her salary was and she told me that she was buying an expensive second home with a second mortgage that I realized there was something dreadfully wrong. My partner and I sold all of our inventory and I moved into “retirement” to Palm Beach County, Florida. We were lucky. We watched others lose everything. We know what went wrong, and this market is not a repeat of what happened then. After that crash, there were new laws implemented to make sure that never happened again and the whole real estate industry – especially the mortgage loan area – became more strictly governed – which was good for everyone. Will we see a market correction? Yes of course, what goes up must go down, but how fast and how much is a good question. In my opinion there will be no dramatic reduction in prices because it is going to take years for there to be an excess of properties on the market – at least in our luxury Wellington equestrian realty marketplace. As we know, values of properties are affected by how many people are looking to buy. I like to say, “a property is worth exactly what the highest bidder will pay for it”. When there are a lot of Buyers trying to buy a small amount of properties, values go up. When there are not so many Buyers wanting to buy a large inventory of properties, the values go down. In other words buying now in our area is still a great choice, with prices forecast to continue to rise. 

Everyone has their Florida story of how they made this beautiful state their forever home – and I am no exception as you now read! But rarely do people have a story of why they left! More and more people want to enjoy Florida’s sunny climate and year-round outdoor lifestyle, and no state income tax. They are not going to stop coming, even after a market correction, which means there is always going to be great value in investing in a property in Wellington, Florida.

What Wellington Has to Offer…

Wellington, Florida, in Palm Beach County, just west of West Palm Beach, is classified as a Village and locals and visitors alike appreciate and understand this distinction. Wellington is recognized as the “Winter Equestrian Capital of the World” and truly lives up to this grand title. Each year, November through April brings around 2,500 riders and 7,500 horses who journey from all over the world to Wellington to make the Winter Equestrian Festival the headquarters of the horse season. Along with this venue, there is the Equestrian Global Village, which caters to international dressage competition, and also has an enormous grand prix field for excellent internationally rated show jumping competitions. In Wellington there are also around 60 polo fields, with each polo field being 10 acres in size – that makes for plenty of beautiful green fields with palm lined vistas all throughout the Village. Guests of Wellington are welcomed with warm to mild weather in these winter months – a luxury that locals have become accustomed to as a perk of living in South Florida. Wellington also caters to families with top-rated schools near every community – from grade school to private school and higher education. Plenty of Academies cater to the young rider with a busy show schedule that does not work with a conventional school scenario, or children of professional riders on the go. 

Activities in the area include visiting community parks and conservation centers, live music at the amphitheater, Green markets for strolling and sipping, a game of golf or tennis at the many country clubs, shopping near the Wellington Green Mall, dining at locally loved restaurants and the excitement of West Palm Beach and all it has to offer just a short drive away. The many beautiful beaches of Palm Beach County are just 25 minutes away, so making frequent trips to the beach, then touring Palm Beach with its famous Worth Avenue, and the many other beachside towns is a regular and favorite “Wellingtonian” activity. The Village of Wellington offers a well-balanced lifestyle and community experience, whether you’re here to stay, have a second home here or just passing through.

South East Florida Tops Second-Home Markets

Looking into the statistics of the second-home buying market in Southeast Florida, the National Association of Realtors gave a good indication that there has been “more significant development” in the increases of second-home mortgage-rate locks than other areas. However, prices of those homes did not follow the same trend. That means there is still great value if not great volume selection in the Florida real estate market. 

That’s why if you are hunting for a new home, you need The Kopp Group; we will hunt down your perfect property, using our deep knowledge of the area, the owners, and sometimes even bringing past clients into a new deal. Recently we helped purchase a lot for a client to build his dream home, but then FOUND his already built dream home off market, so we acted as Transaction Agents and negotiated the purchase of the dream home from the Sellers directly – earning their business too, and then sold his lot to another client who now wants to build their dream home! The Kopp Group is not just interested in servicing one transaction, we are in the business of fostering relationships that earn your business for life. 

Leading with professionalism and absolute discretion, I provide my clients with a dedicated luxury Wellington equestrian realty service intended to achieve my client’s real estate transactions easier, faster, and more lucrative than my competition.

Let’s Connect

If you’re buying or selling a home in the luxury Wellington equestrian realty market and have any questions or want to get in touch with me regarding first steps, then please reach out at +1 (404) 713 4011 or email me at kirsten@kirstenkoppgroup.com.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Kirsten Kopp Group luxury Wellington equestrian realty
Kirsten’s Direct Line

(404) 713-4011


Wellington, FL

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